our vision

we strive to achieve the highest level of the competition in the entrepreneurs, we seek to occupy a big role in the economic activities, engage in its advancement, and to compete globally and we’re sure that we worth it, we intend to provide the highest quality of every service we have and to do our best to satisfy our costumers.

A word from the founder & General manager

Our dearest clients.. Kon Line Co has a huge ambitious and trust of the staff we have, to be on of the biggest companies in the Kingdom of the Saudi Arabia, GCC and the Arabs world, There is a long-term and med-term strategic plans to guarantee that we achieve the company goals by setting an operational plans that will affect the company’s growth rate to achieve the vision we commit ourselves with, Kon Line also have an expansions plans in different domains, we appreciate the strategic relationships we have and will have in the future, we intend to be fully committed to execute the mission that have been given to us by polarizing a teamwork with very excellent competencies and skills, I personally think that the key of success for any
company is the strategic relationships with its clients, by developing the partnership they have together to achieve their goals.

Our Values


Full commitment to safety for all employees and integrating safety and risk management into our day-to-day operations to become a natural part of our crew culture and enhance this in cooperation between management and employees to achieve positive results in the long term


One of our most important values is honesty in taking this into account in all our dealings and one of our priorities is to build trust with our partners in each relationship and consider them to be customers, suppliers or subcontractors of co-workers to ensure the building of an ongoing relationship.


We are committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction by providing high quality business in accordance with international standards and to achieve this we strive not only to meet the expectations of the customer but to exceed them


We are committed to using the latest technologies, products and the latest methods in the procedures in the field of construction and project management that help the quality and speed of completion and the growth of the industry very effectively

One team

We are proud of our employees who are our sources of strength and teamwork and in the spirit of teaming up we strive to achieve the strongest achievements by having individual talents, skills and experience that are vital to enter the challenges of construction projects